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Upper Deck has released information and preview images for it's wrapper redemption set for the upcoming National Sports Collectors Convention. The convention will take place in Baltimore from August 1st through the 5th.

Collector's who purchase 5 hobby packs of select Upper Deck products from a Certified Diamond Dealer will be given a special voucher. This voucher, along with the pack wrappers, can then be brought to the Upper Deck booth and exchanged for one 2012 Upper Deck Nation Sports Collectors Convention pack. The eligible products are as follows:

2011-12 NHL SP Game-Used
2012 Upper Deck Football
2011-12 NHL SPx
2011 College Football Legends
2012 SPx Football
2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball
2011-12 NHL SP Authentic
2012 Upper Deck Soccer

Redemtion packs will become available at noon each day while supplies last. Each collector can claim up to 5 pack per day, and there will be a different 5 card set available each day:

Thursday, August 2
NSCC-1 – Michael Jordan
NSCC-2 – Thierry Henry
NSCC-3 – Alonzo Mourning
NSCC-4 – Roger Staubach
NSCC-5 – Cody Buckel

Friday, August 3
NSCC-6 – Wayne Gretzky
NSCC-7 – Robert Griffin III
NSCC-8 – David Robertson
NSCC-9 – Don Mattingly
NSCC-10 – Dwayne DeRosario

Saturday, August 4
NSCC-11 – Tiger Woods
NSCC-12 – John Kruk
NSCC-13 – Sidney Crosby
NSCC-14 – Landon Donovan
NSCC-15 – Trent Richardson

Sunday, August 5
NSCC-16 – LeBron James
NSCC-17 – Bobby Orr
NSCC-18 – Jack Morris
NSCC-19 – Brodie Merrill
NSCC-20 – Alex Ovechkin

Randomly inserted into these packs are very limited edition autograph cards from the likes of Sidney Crosby, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Lebron James, Don Mattingly (in a L.A. Kings jersey!), Robert Griffin III, and more! Enjoy the images below!

2015 Upper Deck - Ken Griffey Jr. - National Convention Prominent Cuts NSCC-17

13' Upper Deck FRANK THOMAS National Convention Wrapper Redemption NSCC-17

2013' Upper Deck FRANK THOMAS National Convention Wrapper Redemption NSCC-17


2013 UD National Convention REGGIE JACKSON Yankees #NSCC-13 (Upper Deck Promo)

2013 Upper Deck UD National Promo Pete Incaviglia #NSCC14

2015 National NSCC Sealed Promo Packs Panini, Upper Deck UD, Onyx

1993-94 Upper Deck NSCC Gem Coll Blue #250 Alexandre Daigle 1/1 F16552

2015 Upper Deck - Lebron James - National Convention Prominent Cuts Promo NSCC14

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 39 Scott Rolen 1/1 F12840


PATRICK KANE 2015 Upper Deck National NSCC Prominent Cuts #NSCC-7 Blackhawks

2015 Upper Deck Marian Hossa #NSCC-1 National Wrapper Redemption

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 40 Ben Grieve A's 1/1 F12873

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 43 Eric Chavez 1/1 F12849

2015 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Patrick Kane The National NSCC exclusive card

1999-00 Upper Deck Victory NSCC Diamond Ed #257 Mike Vernon Sharks 1/1 F17098

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 76 Moises Alou 1/1 F12847

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 20 Moises Alou 1/1 F12843

1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70NSCC/National # 88 Jeremy Giambi 1/1 F12877
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