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Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman, once again set the new record for the most expensive public sale of a comic book. This issue, graded 9.0 Near Mint by CGC, sold for a whopping $2,161,000, shattering the old record of $1.5 million set in March 2010 by a CGC 8.5 copy.

This issue is not only one of the highest graded, but has a history that's worthy of a Hollywood movie. It came into prominence when it sold in 1992 by Sotheby's for $82,500, which was a record at that time. Actor Nicolas Cage later bought the comic in 1997 for around $150,000. He kept the prized issue mounted on a wall in his home in a high security frame. Around January of 2000, however, Cage noticed that the issue was missing, along with 2 other issues also in security frames, Marvel Mystery #71 and a high grade Detective Comics #27. In April of 2011 an unidentified man claims he discovered the Action Comics #1 after he purchased the contents of an abandoned San Fernando Valley, California storage locker. The book was authenticated and then handed over as evidence to the Los Angeles Police Department while they investigated further. It is unknown whether the comic was later returned to Cage and if he was the recent seller. As for the Mystery #71, it resurfaced a few months after it was stolen, but the Detective Comics #27 has never been found.

Action Comics 1 1938 (1988 Reprint) Great shape!! Look!!

Action Comics #1 (Jun 1938, DC)Action Comics Superman No. 1-1938 Reprint Golden

Action Comics #1. Nestle 10 cent cover reprint. 1983

Action Comics #62 (Jul 1943, DC) Coverless Superman

Action Comics (1938 DC) #30 CGC 6.0 (1173833005)

no.1 Action comics 1938 1983 nestle Superman reprint

Action Comics #1 1938 DC First Superman Appearance(50 yr's. reprint)

Action Comics (1938 DC) #16 CGC 0.5 (1097036001) Selkirk


Action Comics #27 (Aug 1940, DC)

ACTION COMICS #1 50TH ANNIVERSARY 1988 REPRINT 1988 - Free Ship with buy it now!

ACTION COMICS #7 SUPERMAN 1938 cgc ng 2nd superman cover appearance

Famous 1ST Edition Limited collectors,Golden Mint Series Action Comics June1938

Action Comics #167 CGC comic book

Action Comics (1938 DC) #38 CGC 3.5 (1134702007)

Action Comics #205 Superman DC Golden Age Comic

Action Comics #229 HIGHER-MID GRADE

Action Comics (1938 DC) #38 CGC 5.5 (1127485003)

Superman #123 Pre Supergirl Tryout Cover & Story DC Golden Age Comic Action

Superman Action DC Golden Age ALL 10cent Cover Price Comic Collection Run Lot
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