What's working, what's not, and what's coming in the future...

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    What works:
    • The news posts code is fully functional and we'll hopefully be posting more stories in the next few weeks
    • The search bar is working and currently there are 1.7 million cards entered for baseball and we are finalizing the initial data upload for football, hockey and basketball, which is about 2.5 million additional cards. We're also hard at work getting our initial comic books data in and are currently working through Marvel and have 25,000 issues so far. We are adding thousands more weekly and will be moving on to DC next, and then companies like IDW, Image, Dark Horse, etc.
    • The MyVault inventory system is fully functional with limited features (more will be added soon). You can add cards, sets, and full player lists to the MyVault and create and manage customer folders. Currently you cannot add comic books, but we will be adding that feature soon.
    • Forums should be fully functional, but there may be kinks to work out
    What doesn’t work:
    • Currently there are a few bugs with Internet Explorer 8. It is highly recommended that you view this site with Google Chrome orMozilla Firefox. If IE is your thing, version 9 works the best.
    • Filtering of search results is currently limited to Set, Player and Item for cards. We will be adding more filter features in the near future as well as the Comic Book filters
    • There are quite a few cards that are listed as “unknown player”. Most of these are multi-player cards that we are still cleaning up data on, but there are also some team cards, checklists, etc. that fall into this.
    • We still need to add a lot of the baseball minor league sets from before 2000
    • Baseball sets from 2010-2012 still need to be added
    What’s coming in the near future:
    • Ability to match your want list to other users sale and trade lists
    • More features for MyVault including options to add grading company and card grade for slabbed cards (plus serial #), customizable locations (i.e. “Shoebox #2, Graded card box #1, etc…), ability to search your inventory, fields for price paid, purchase date, and users notes
    • Better sort features for the search results
    • Redo some of the forum layout colors
    • Images for cards and ability for users to upload images
    • Football, Hockey and Basketball data added
    What’s coming a little further down the road:
    • Full featured pricing for cards
    • More card attribute data (serial #, game-used and material used, errors/variations, autographed, etc…)
    • Misc. sports added (Golf, Boxing, Racing, etc…), Non-sports added
    • Trade system with user feedback items

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